Just one day more. Tomorrow is one of my biggest races in my whole life. It might even hold more importance than PSLE 3 years ago. Or my Sec 2 Final Years. But it is when you approach something so real, so important, so influential that you feel the trepidation creeping onto you. It’s eerie, cold and merciless. It hols nothing back. It will win the battle if you let it. Fear and apprehension. Anxiety. A whole myriad of emotions settling on me. And it is moments like this. when you really come face to face with adversity, with no corner to turn, no one to look to, that you really start to question yourself. You while your hours, days and years away. Thinking that you are living in the moment, but yet fail to make any meaning out of it. Without meaning then, what do our actions symbolise? What are they representative of? Our inner belief? Our desire? Or do we just do them under the pressure of others or even just for the heck of it. Well, tomorrow is my big race. Physically and mentally no one can help me. It is impossible for someone o talk to you on the starting blocks or run alongside you in the race. It is gruesome. However I believe if I have meaning in what I am doing, nothing can overcome me. Because that meaning will instill firm belief which will carry me far. It will also eradicate all sources of negativity and fear. To end off with a quote , ” If tomorrow wasn’t promised- what would you give for today?” Sorry if i sounded really disorientated. I’m really just typing whatever comes to me mind. For me, my meaning and purpose of running, is enjoying it and pushing my body to the limits- overcoming an obstacle that may be in my way. So that I can carry this over to anything else I encounter in life. Thanks for reading this lengthy post. 😀