404- an eccentric and motley class. Many times I doubted my subjects choice but I never regretted being in this class. Even though it isn’t pleasant to feel stupid all year round, I can honestly attest I felt comfortable in this group of crazy friends. Before I take a nosedive into the itty bitty stuff, let me lay a broad prelude first.

I would never foresee myself becoming so attached to 404. These people take insanity to a whole new level. We are in a league of our own. Truly a League of Legends (LoL). I am funny please. However, after a thoroughly sensational day, we were at an emotional high and the time spent together felt surreal. Thus I feel I should pen down my thoughts and feelings to this special group of people whom impacted me the greatest. This class, or band of brothers, or LoL( I am super funny), is the group I spent most of my time with and consequentially gone through the most events with as well.

Anders, JQ- our distinctive chair and vice chair. They lead 404 insane. JK they did an admirable job and I’m sure it wasn’t as easy as it looked to manage the class and prevent us from exploding. Although keys were always missing and the register was never returned on time.

Anders, JQ, Ethan, Chow, Leon, Konrad Etc ( the crazy guys)- These people bring entertainment straight to the heart of 404 and shed some fun during the the boring days I fell asleep. They made class seem like a much more bearable and humane place.

The soccer guys- Thanks so much for being habitually late after recess. It gave me  a lot more time to sleep when the lesson was delayed. Legit.

Yank, Onn, Emma- For being patient with me and never getting impatient with my incessant stream of questions on different matters.

Derrick, WQ, Ernest, KX, David Wong and many others- For being comfortable and easy to talk to about virtually anything.

Jared- For being an awesome tablemate and doing retarded stuff together. Playing with ants, catching spiders, talking about lengths and sizes ( if you know what I mean) and covering my ass when I ponned school.

SLEEPING BUDDIES- HOON ETHAN DAVID YOU CHOY LEON CHOW JQ FANTASTIC! Made me feel like I was doing the right thing.

Lyndon,Hoon, Zheng, David You- For playing LoL with me even though I burden SOMETIMES only 😀

TQR and JK- for not retaliating when I continually made hurtful jokes. I’m sorry. I understand there are no FREEEE LUNCHES 

in this world. Double kill beetches.

The scholars- For adding international flavour to our class and allowing me to be more open to other cultures and people.

The Muggers a.k.a Strangers- Go F yourself thanks ^^ ANDERS CHOW ONN YK ACTUALLY EVERYBODY HAIZ. except me.


Thanks guys for the memorable times. Ponning PE, playing dual masters, not doing homework( oh wait…), ponning school, Olympics PE, Tau Poks, breaking school property, pissing teachers off, soccer in class, mugging into mornings, sleepless nights( yess Onn Mun) and everything else.

404 for lyfe.

Indivisa Manent.

( Edwin Ho’s spirit is with us)