If anything, Singapore’s education system is the death valley of creativity and spontaneity. It is impossible to get out of such an abyss. It is taught in physics that weight is mass multiplied by gravitational field strength which is a relative value that fluctuates in different scenarios. Juxtaposed with our lives, the value of gravitational field strength is analogous to the amount of work we have, which is a downward pressure acting on us. To lighten the load, or rather get rid of it, we have to literally strip off the weight and learn to put things down. It’s hard especially in such a competitive field where everyone around you is an overachiever and you feel insignificant or small at times. The monotonous drone of our regimented lives does little to no aid in instilling the highly-prized and glorified values of persistence or determination in us. On the contrary, it does the exact opposite and makes us feel angsty and easily frustrated ever so often. This causes a decline in efficiency and productivity as students are made to go through repetitive notions which are extremely mundane. This inevitably results in rising tensions and inner pressure building up which does not find an outlet of release. The end result? Muggers. Defined as students,void of feelings, who read their textbooks like holy scriptures religiously in hopes of transcending to higher ground. Nope son. Doesn’t work that way. The weight of it all will get to us sooner or later. I truly feel we should learn to rest sometimes. Western culture has emphasised so heavily on the catabolic part of life. Work, work and more work. But we fail to realise that the anabolic aspect is missing and it is equally essential to strike a healthy balance. You gotta shit if you keep eating. You can’t keep shitting without eating. In a nutshell, the point I’m trying to drive across is that, don’t feel overwhelmed by work or failure to accomplish something, meet a goal whatever. Sit back, breathe and just appreciate everything for what it is, rather than what things might be.