Judge “Don’t Judge”

by Shawnong

I felt confused and irritated when I heard people repeatedly say “Don’t judge!” The utterance of such has become a social fad which irks me. Why is “judging” deemed socially unacceptable nowadays and do people who actually say “Don’t judge” actually not do it themselves? It is impossible not to judge.

Judging is involuntary. Preconceived notions are formed in mere moments before we actually speak to a person or before she/he has done something. It is a thought we have no control over. Telling others not to judge is stupid and unnecessary. It has no practical outcome whatsoever.

Why are people even so afraid of being judged? If they actually care about how others might look at them then maybe they should have had considered the rationale behind their behaviour or actions first. If the way they carry themselves or the actions they did are backed up by a firm belief system why should they care about how others might perceive them?

Don’t they understand that telling someone else not to judge is a judgement in itself? By telling someone else not to judge, you are actually saying “The way you look at me is invasive and offensive to me. Therefore you are guilty of the highest degree of social crime and are a pitiful creature.”

Stop perpetuating social fads without being critical about it.

Judge me.