Month: October, 2014

Judge “Don’t Judge”

I felt confused and irritated when I heard people repeatedly say “Don’t judge!” The utterance of such has become a social fad which irks me. Why is “judging” deemed socially unacceptable nowadays and do people who actually say “Don’t judge” actually not do it themselves? It is impossible not to judge.

Judging is involuntary. Preconceived notions are formed in mere moments before we actually speak to a person or before she/he has done something. It is a thought we have no control over. Telling others not to judge is stupid and unnecessary. It has no practical outcome whatsoever.

Why are people even so afraid of being judged? If they actually care about how others might look at them then maybe they should have had considered the rationale behind their behaviour or actions first. If the way they carry themselves or the actions they did are backed up by a firm belief system why should they care about how others might perceive them?

Don’t they understand that telling someone else not to judge is a judgement in itself? By telling someone else not to judge, you are actually saying “The way you look at me is invasive and offensive to me. Therefore you are guilty of the highest degree of social crime and are a pitiful creature.”

Stop perpetuating social fads without being critical about it.

Judge me.

Grades Are Toxic

It is a tacit understanding that students with good grades are smarter than those with poorer grades. This is fundamentally and overtly flawed.

Our conventional interpretation of intelligence is misinformed and the capabilities of the human body and mind go much deeper. According to Howard Gardner, humans possess multiple intelligences: Linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, kinaesthetic, spatial, and interpersonal and intra personal.

What schools typically attempt to measure with grades are mainly the linguistic and mathematical intelligences. This is due to the hierarchy of subjects our education emphasises, popularised by Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk. Schools place subjects such as math, sciences and languages at the top whereas sports, music and arts are below.

This means that students who are competent in other intelligences are made to go through the same system which only celebrates limited kinds of intelligences and thus may feel dejected or worthless.

In a sheltered world of an academic institution, grades are a form of currency analogous to money. Schools give priority to students with better grades in areas such as choosing of electives, overseas trip preferences, etc. Thus students who have better grades will have the privilege of choice and this unfortunately reinforces the negativity on students who are not skewed in the mathematical or linguistic direction.

Grades desperately fail in trying to measure the intelligence of humans; the very act of trying to do so is almost degrading and vulgar. I do feel that such a system is exclusive and ineffective in engaging all of our students fully and that more needs and can be done to improve the situation.

Light Of The Day

I’m just trying to find my way

But my light doesn’t pierce through the darkness

I’m praying to Jesus to lend me a hand

To guide me of out this place;

Away from my fear of decay


I’m stumbling through the valleys of my mind

Searching for an answer

There’s not much room left to explore

And I’m not any closer


I’m trying to listen to my own heart

The voices of my emotions

But my ears are tuned deaf

Deaf to my own vibrations


I’m not sure if it’s out there

Or if it is within me

Am I supposed to reach out and grab it

Or dig deeper within


There’s a darkness over my eyes

I can’t see what’s in front of me


I’m starting to think this is all a mistake

I’ve yet to see the light of the day

How will you spend your time today?

Time is a mysterious substance. You can’t demarcate the perimeters of time, you can’t put your finger exactly on the line between past and future. It is as if past, present and future are intertwined into a seamless fabric; only differentiated by a gradual contrast in colour.

Every second you are in the present, you are surging forward into the future, leaving the past straggling behind. The past becomes an intangible impression, a memory, a photograph frayed at its edges, losing its colour as it gets buried deeper under the mountain of time.

The future is a distant image, gaining clarity at such immense speeds, an unavoidable light glaring at you. The light may have travelled from a farther future or a nearer one, but the future ultimately stretches out into an unfathomable depth.

The present is the thinnest time of all. It is a split second, a heartbeat a blink of an eye. And no sooner is time dusted away into the recesses of our memory, than we are thrown into the future.

We measure time fervently down to the nanosecond, but we forget our lives cannot be measured by time.

How will you spend your time today?

Groove of the Music

Foot starts tapping

Head is moving

A bubbling momentum is growing in my body


A tingle in my wrists

A sensation at my fingertips

My heart is pumping

I can’t stop rocking


My joints feel excited

An electricity flows through them

The current of the groove

Envelopes me entirely


My ears devour the notes

My mind relishes the symphony

I am riding

The wave of the rhapsody