Incoherent clanking of the metal shutters reverberated through corridor of the sec 4 block. A sound we have grown so accustomed to, we tend to ignore it with time. Today, however, it signified the closure of our time spent as a class.

Tucked away in the corner, 404 was like a religious sanctuary; unperturbed by the besieging interventions of the outside world. Respectful silence inundated our room. A room of multi-purposes: a soccer pitch, wrestling ring, DJ club, library, canteen and bedroom. As we took turns to share messages from our hearts, the testosterone level plummeted to an all time low whilst man tears flowed incessantly.

Deep within each seemingly emotionless mugger, lies a very compassionate and soft individual- one with the carnal need of brotherly affection and love. It’s extremely heartening to witness a raw moment of 16 year old males weeping like boys. I think it strikes a chord with everyone and our hearts beat in synchrony now. We are brothers from different mothers; our ties are infallible and we are forever Brethren to each other.