How will you spend your time today?

by Shawnong

Time is a mysterious substance. You can’t demarcate the perimeters of time, you can’t put your finger exactly on the line between past and future. It is as if past, present and future are intertwined into a seamless fabric; only differentiated by a gradual contrast in colour.

Every second you are in the present, you are surging forward into the future, leaving the past straggling behind. The past becomes an intangible impression, a memory, a photograph frayed at its edges, losing its colour as it gets buried deeper under the mountain of time.

The future is a distant image, gaining clarity at such immense speeds, an unavoidable light glaring at you. The light may have travelled from a farther future or a nearer one, but the future ultimately stretches out into an unfathomable depth.

The present is the thinnest time of all. It is a split second, a heartbeat a blink of an eye. And no sooner is time dusted away into the recesses of our memory, than we are thrown into the future.

We measure time fervently down to the nanosecond, but we forget our lives cannot be measured by time.

How will you spend your time today?