The Starry Bridge

by Shawnong

I was standing on the edge of a cliff. I had to get to the other side but a giant chasm stood in between, denying me. My toes peered over the edge, the thin thread between two polar situations. What I saw beneath was an insatiable darkness, it was hungry for me. And I was that close to being swallowed by it.

I had no thoughts, no questions forming; as if a curtain had descended upon my mind and dwarfed my thoughts along with it.

My eyes were transfixed at the spot right in front of my toes, staring down into the unfathomable depth when the molecules of the air started to coagulate and solidify, forming some kind of substance. Little iridescent spots started to appear, freckling the darkness below like stars against the backdrop of the universe.

The spots seemed pixelated at first, a blur. But they soon crystallised like television gaining clarity after a storm, to form a square carpet of roughly 1 feet long and wide. More squares started to appear and lined up forming a bridge to the other side.

I reached out my foot gingerly to test the material, still focussing my bodyweight on my back leg in case of the unfortunate. The sparkling bridge was a gel-like substance through the soles of my Nikes and they welcomed the heft of my foot with confidence. I slowly transferred more weight to my right foot till my whole bodyweight was borne on it as my left leg shifted forward.

My first few steps were apprehensive but I drew an increasing sense of certainty and I was soon placing one step in front of the other comfortably, pacing across the bridge as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

A quiet melody hummed in the background as my body drifted further into the scene, growing smaller every second.