Empty Stage Behind the Curtains

by Shawnong

Like a ravenous dog

You consume empty materialistic possessions fanatically, blindly

To pacify your sense of need; a fleeting myopic emotion

Like a thirsty dog you lap at dry entertainment, censored media, reality TV

To free your soul, to bring you to another place

To get a whiff of adventure, to a live a life not yours

Just because you were too scared to act out

You came close to the glass

But did not muster enough courage to put your fist through it

Only to leave the fog of your breath behind

And in the showers you sing a lullaby

To lull yourself into a false sense security

The melody from your head

Your brain bathed in the sound of your own voice

One drowned out, not vocalised

But it was you, you

You did it

You made a choice

You chased the dream which was not meant to be chased

You ran the road while the sidewalks were inviting

“Come stroll along me” they said

“Why are you running in circles, trying to run ahead of time?”

You wore the ink of other people’s thoughts, their desires

Probably not their own

But you chose to give in

Now tattooed on your skin

You scrub at it in the shower

But it’s not really ink

They are thoughts, formed by words

And words are more permanent than ink

They come from ideals, values

Whether lack thereof, it is not their concern

You went down the same road, the wrong one

And at the end you realised

You were cheated

What have I accomplished?

Life has cheated me

But life didn’t have a chance to live

You did

But you wasted it

You filled your time

Devouring social media

Fussing over immaterial problems

Rousing unnecessary emotions

Playing the melodramatic act on the stage to no audience

To make yourself feel important

A plastic self-worth

All the palavering, all the commotion

A balloon; an inflated a thin layer of facade

Vaporised easily

Gone as easily as it appeared

All boiled down to nothing

But you don’t realise it until it actually happens

And the bass of your thoughts pounds your cracked mind


The sounds are coming in

You try to keep them out

But no, no

You can’t

They are coming in


They can’t be stopped

Who? What? How?

You crumble to your knees

Press your face into your hands

Feel the contact of your own skin

Trying to sink into nothingness

But there is no such thing

It is nothing

Never was anything