Sound of Silence

by Shawnong

Silence, pregnant with a multitude of thoughts,emotions and words; unspoken words that may even be louder than those spoken. A multi-faceted prism, iridescent, but yet seems to lie so flatly, so thinly, it is capable of existing in only one dimension, one which is obscure to us. Its profoundness, however, manages to find a way to percolate into our quotidian lives, passing through the wall separating the two realms, and assimilates unobtrusively with every cell of our being.

Silence is understanding, when two persons sitting over an arbitrary cup of coffee, can exchange thoughts and feelings, without using their mouths.

Silence is anxiety, when you walk down a foreign hallway of a new school, and you feel the glare of strangers burn into your back.

Silence is an absence of life, when you cry out to a loved one, now nothing more than a mere mortal casing, but was convulsing in agony with bloodshot eyes, the darkest shade of crimson you’ve ever seen, seconds before.

Silence is loneliness, when the places you are able to visit within yourself, seem vaster than anywhere else on this Earth.

Silence is so loud it can hurt your ears, it’s being turned up a notch, as if someone is adjusting the volume knob on the radio. It is confusion when your thoughts battle inside your head with the swords of confliction, with the edges so sharp, they leave behind indelible scars.

Silence is peace, in a room overwhelmed with people whom I have no desire to make social contact with; the bridge of communication held by the support of palavering, the bridge I have no intention of crossing. It is a state of pure tranquillity, segregation and individualism.

A place, but with no walls, draped in the white of clouds on a clear day, a white so bright it hurts my eyes. It is a place within me I have exclusive access to, a place I can enter or exit at will, passing in and out with the lithe gait of a ballerina.

Silence is a mystery to those who can’t hear it.