Why I Dislike Pop Culture

by Shawnong

Pop culture is superfluous.  The media is marred  with news about the ostentatious/controversial lifestyles of pop stars instead of highlighting the real problems around the world.  Yes I am referring to Justin Bieber taking a piss in a bucket. Bringing me to my next point.

Pop culture drives a subliminal message that being famous is all that matters. Once a celebrity acquires fame, it is as if he/she is automatically inducted into a class of higher society, receiving a cornucopia of privileges otherwise unknown to commoners. Thus, by extension of logic…

Pop culture stampedes on morals. The concept of gaining global recognition dwarves basic morality. This happens when artists/artistes conform to the demand of the public and produce work that is appealing but not necessarily honest to the ideals of the creator. This is especially glaring in the context of current pop music; where sensationalistic lyrics are written to seduce the public or music videos are filled with scantily clad females to garner more views. 

Thus, pop culture emboldens superficiality. When the notion of public approval reels in, an individual becomes starkly self-conscious, and what’s on the outside becomes more important than what’s on the inside.