Final Goodbyes

by Shawnong

Nightfall stands between the present and the future. A thin wall, dissolved with the blink of an eye. A veil preventing you from peering into the darkness ahead, only allowing you to look back at the past, which was once the present.  Nightfall only allows movement in one direction; only forwards, never backwards.

A new chapter of our lives unfolds, and the pages of our journeys are awaiting to be written with the ink of our experiences. The days we once spent clowning in class, only to exasperate all our teachers, are but now a stream of intangible fabric in our memories. We will never be able to return to our previous lives or prolong the moments long enough for us not to miss them. But moments inevitably turn into memories, and memories untenable against the current of time.

As I bid a wistful goodbye to the brothers I’ve shared countless invaluable times with, I wonder if the train that whisks away the faces of the people close to me, with it robbing the smiles and laughters, will ever be able to bring back the same people or experiences once again.