Lost in Fading

by Shawnong

Those lips danced awkwardly, as if the words uttered were foreign to the tongue.

There was a name mentioned, Faraday, I think. But that was the extent of it, for the politics of the history in Science piqued no interest of mine. The name sounded reprehensibly like “far away”, somewhere I wish I was. Subsequent sounds emitted from that orifice were muted effortlessly and involuntarily.

My peripheral vision caught sight of a multitude of pens squiggling vigorously. I wasn’t quite sure what it was for, just that mine was tucked away somewhere even the owner couldn’t remember.

Staring out into the vast sky-wider and deeper than all the oceans combined- my being transmuted into a mist-like state, spiralling in the direction water evaporates. I faded, imperceptibly. My existence erased from the space-time continuum, just as how black slips behind a deeper darkness…