Science vs Religion

by Shawnong

After trawling Youtube for debates on this topic, I can’t help but to feel deeply disappointed. In exacerbation to the already evident lack of consensus between 2 polarised camps, the tension following each discussion seems to thicken considerably as well. It is as though there will never be a peaceful agreement on this issue, by extrapolation of past occurrences.

I think the solution is not to encourage unity but to embrace diversity.

I feel the idea of pushing for union is flawed in itself. The problem with this ideal is that everyone occupies the same spot; which means that only ONE person/party can be at the center. In countless debates I have watched, each representative subtly injectssatirical comments into their own arguments to ridicule the opposition. This reflects the absence of sincerity to have an intellectual conversation to help lay out facts clearly for the public digest and instead shows the belligerent efforts to subjugate each other. Such actions trivialise and stampede on the larger, pressing issue, which is utterly disrespectful and derogatory to humans as a race.

Adding sharpness to our words is counter-intuitive as our point does not get put across effectively and it fuels anger. An angry man does not construct intelligent answers.

Using force to obtain one’s ambitions results in devastating consequences and instils intense resentment as seen from historical world events, such as World Wars and the Holocaust. Figures like the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis exemplify the use peaceful methods as opposed to using force, and have consequently attained immense public approval.

Therefore, to create union is a forced process of blending everyone into the same mixture. It’s like how one pizza does not have every kind of topping but there are many pizzas with different toppings and that works with pizza-lovers.

Religion and Science does not have to come into conflict at all. Imagine a Math teacher banging on the door of a Biology class, explaining vehemently that the process of division reduces the size of the number.

Science is human’s natural mode of exploration while Religion answers a whole different set of questions.

“The Bible shows the way to go to heaven, not the way the heavens go.”

― Galileo Galilei