The Birth of Language

by Shawnong

Where did language originate from? The genesis, the birthplace of standardised mechanism humans use to converse with each other. There must have been a starting line, mustn’t there?

Science states, something cannot come from nothing(which blatantly contradicts the Big Bang THEORY but that is not to be discussed now). How then did language come about? If we were to play along with the evolutionists’ tale that men came from apes, then the system whereby these primitive beings communicate would highly probably be in the form of shapes/pictures.

How then did a full array of languages and alphabets derive from such trivial and mundane methods. If letters were actually symbols or pictures of some form of ancient methodical occurrence,  then such a way of communication was pragmatic, to say the least. But wouldn’t it be a stretch to conclude that the complexity of our linguistic capabilities came from such means?

Only if it is entirely inherent and innate of humans to possess the ability the create such intricate and exquisite forms of conversational avenues will I then think it is logical for the current language system to be in place. But that is still all too perplexing for my little mind to comprehend. It is like a monkey trying to create music. To think that humans and chimpanzees share about 90% of the same DNA.

With all that being said, let’s take a step beyond that line. Now who then sets in place the extensive grammatical rules? And why is it deemed blasphemous if someone commits such a mistake? ( I know what I’m typing is highly referenced to English but just don’t be anal please) Is it mandatory to adhere by such donkey rules with religious austerity? Who can rightfully point out a grammatical error if the message of the text is being conveyed to the desired party? Isn’t that the primary purpose to begin with?

Maybe such rules were implemented to create class divisions; to segregate supposedly the “better educated” people from the “less”, so as to maintain hierarchy and concentrated authority within a selected group of people.