Tell Me Where to Look, But Not What to See (cont)

by Shawnong

I don’t want to follow lines explicitly traced out for me. I don’t want to tread paths already forged. I don’t want to scuffle along with the pack when I can’t see where we’re going. We don’t need to. Tell Me Where to Look, But Not What to See

Living but not conscious. 

Each of us is dissimilar from the other, a motley ensemble. Why are we trying to morph ourselves into symmetrical shapes on the outside when what we are within cannot be changed. Our outlook is a manifestation of who we are within. So then why, why are we urged and compelled to take these very routes, imprinted by countless pairs of foot steps before us. 

In actuality, we have the power and freedom to make our own choices. It’s just that we are not free from the clutches of the consequences. These are the invisible limitations placed upon us, albeit extremely tangible and intimate. It’s ability to confine is unparalleled and it stencils fear onto the very hearts of people. Thus we are free, only to a certain, practical extend.