by Shawnong

I am genuinely baffled. It seems as if I’m the only one who feels this way. Especially in my class, It’s as if I’m a foreigner in my own environment; one I was inoculated into when I was 5. A mechanized system which fits us onto graphs and curves, tabulated and evaluated mercilessly. I can’t be the only one with such a stand. I feel like a banal humanoid amongst the many cultivated by this rigidity which is self-proclaiming and wears its accolades proudly.  Take it all away, what does this all stand for? Don’t you feel suffocated? Our lives have become compartmentalized. Everything we do is confined in a quadrilateral space. Our every action has to be in line with and governed by a set of rules, laid down by wielders of power who know bullocks about the future. Why do we equip our young with skills when we can’t even predict what future jobs will be like? Where has dynamism and creativity eroded too? Why do we conform to societal perimeters which only dampens our true potential and credibility? Why subject ourselves to be labelled by statistics? Are we not more than numbers and data and patterns?

I am becoming highly irascible by the deadening of our emotions just to produce numerically aesthetic figures. Do grades really hold primacy over anything else? Will numbers and grades really open doors in the future which is oblivious to everyone of us? Wasn’t mass education a thing of the industrialisation age which aimed to generate a more literate population? Why haven’t the visionary leaders implemented any form of change in lieu of the old system? And the most disturbing part of it all is, it seems as though I’m the weird one who thinks way. Everyone around me seems to fit in perfectly normal with their surroundings. Going to school everyday is dreadful. I hate it when my life is dictated by a timetable and I attend classes periodically just because GRADES GRADES GRADES. If you don’t do this, you won’t score this. If you don’t score this you don’t go there. I am not a bloody machine. Specific inputs don’t have predetermined outcomes.

Schools are like factories, we are the raw materials. We go in unprocessed, come out value-added. A cookie-cutter process. Everyone must come out the same. An anomaly is deemed as a deformity and is discarded blindly. We sit for the same exam and get posted into similar institutions. I just feel like my wings are clipped and that there is no room for self-expression in the current syllabi offered by the “diverse” educational faculties.