by Shawnong

“”All truth is one. In this light may science and religion endeavor here for the steady evolution of mankind. From darkness to light, from narrowness to broad-mindedness, from prejudice to tolerance, it is the voice of life, which calls us to come and learn.” Was about to sleep but I came across this youtube video on Ted. This phrase was inscribed atop the bell tower at the University of Buffalo. If it all seems vastly incomprehensible, just search it on youtube to get a clearer idea. The speaker, Clifford Stoll, emanates a very primal pattern of humans; To progress and learn. However,as science and technology progressed, ironically we have become increasingly passive towards learning. Discovery is an intriguing process, and I emphasise, process. Not destination. My opinion is that discovery is a constant and cumulative journey. It does not see an end point and is probably one of the few existential, matters if you may, that is infinite. Okay, objectively speaking it isn’t really infinite, bounded by the restrictions of our time here. But play along with me, it makes me feel smart to come up with such spectacularly profound statement like this. Keeping the subject of the matter in mind, there are still many questions left unanswered- some which may never be. Hitherto, we have developed and come so far as a race but there is so much more to know about. Just because of the remarkable progress we have made, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything left to chase. It’s hard to get my head around all these but i sincerely hope that I too can have such an innate passion or enthusiasm towards pursuing something meaningful. To embark on the journey of self-discovery and make connections. That’s something fascinating that always appeals to me. Just seems bloody cool IMO. It’s like engineering yourself on the inside. But I guess no rushing things now and it’s time to sleeeeeep. Maybe the reconstruction will take place in slumberland?