by Shawnong

Commuting on the train back home, it is now opportune to write a short post. Writing has become liberating in an inexplicable way. It’s a brief respite from the helter-skelter of the day. A way to release the culminated stress, of sorts. Unknowingly, I have developed a habit to judge people around me. Judge may not be the most apt choice of word as it carries with it a negative connotation. Amidst the hustle of our overworked lives, do we ever pause and contemplate the fundamentalities that everyone on the train is obscurely similar? Superficially, we assume vastly different dispositions. However, if we were to peel back the layers, everyone, despite their backgrounds, are people just like you and me.Though fixated on our respective duties, the commanality between each one of us is that we are striving for something. It’s just that we live in different realms and have our own spheres of influence which distinguishes one from another. But don’t we make up the same population? Random quizzical thought. I have arrived, ta da.