Carpe Diem

by Shawnong

Carpe Diem,or widely known as seize the day. The stigma associated with this Latin phrase is to enjoy the moment and not have a care in the world. The contortion of meaning stems from the wry and delusional mentality that most people have. That our actions will not have an impact deep enough to see repercussions in our later lives. To set the record straight, my interpretation of the phrase is to wring the most out of the time we have and not beat our chests on hindsight. Every decision we make is a preamble to the life ahead of us. I guess it’s intensely perculiar to think of it as working for our future selves, a separate entity. It scares me every time I place myself in my future shoes and imagine the possibility of regret. It’s akin to your past coming back to haunt you. Still, here I am basking in the comfort of the present. This is highly myopic of me and disgust is not strong enough an adjective to describe my feelings. I don’t want chances or opportunities to sublime away, leaving behind only wisps of regret which will be the greatest tormentor. We hyper focus on the minor technicalities and neglect the very root of the problem. This causes us to feel overwhelmed and discouraged as we lose sight of the main focus. Just take a step back and recalibrate your bearings. There needs to be a catalyst of change, to set things right again. For far too long, I have succumb to my naivety that time is on my side. It’s time to galvanise a radical change that has been highly overdue. An insoluble fortitude that does not wear. This is a crucial period and make or break, it’s based solely on choice and not aptitude. I don’t want to leave a stain on the immaculate tablecloth kept so pristine by efforts nothing short of monumental. Thus, Carpe Diem. Seize the moment.