Closing Time

by Shawnong

This really marks the end of everything. The tombstone of the event I invested all my time in… I came into the stadium clinging on to that little thread of hope that I could run the 4×400. Well it turned out otherwise which was an expected outcome to be completely honest. I’m not upset about my injury or that I didn’t achieve anything but I feel greatly injusticed that I couldn’t go out there and run even after all the effort I put in. But now this is really the end. No more wishing and hoping. It’s exam after exam after exam… Which culminates in the inevitable and brutal Os. I’m gonna really miss this part of me, my teammates, the competition, the experiences, even the pain and struggles. Even though I did not get anything materialistic out of it, I could safely say track has made me a more confident and persistent person. However I’m not entirely convinced I should have poured so much time Into it. But the past is past and cannot be changed. I guess I have to work towards the next best thing and give it my all. But I really just can’t help but feel alittle nostalgic and down. They say the transition is never easy… I’m gonna miss these times:'(