by Shawnong

I’m currently stuck in the mrt station, waiting for my dad to pick me up after work. I fault this break in my well-planned schedule on the weather. Hence I’m using this time to be productive and do something that is of value in some way or another. For training today, I did short hurdles with the C boys after my long hiatus from
Short hurdles. I gotta admit I was pretty disappointed with the session overall but hey, there is sure to be some takeaways. Gain some lose some. I really clobbered the first few sets with shit technique and rhythm. But then I managed to really clamp down on my mistakes and made my last 3 sets worthwhile. Idling in this weather has also gotten me reminiscing on the past years. No matter where I stand now, I have come a long way since Secondary 1, shaving 20s off my 400m and 2.4s off my 100m. I’m also pretty decent over the 400mH race now. Arguably, I have achieved quite a feat relative to where I started and I’m proud of it. The medals that hang on my wall in my bedroom now are symbols of hardwork spent and sweat given year by year. It’s a really nostalgic feeling to just think back and remember all the training sessions that left an indelible mark in your mind. Those memories stay with you forever. Especially when the going gets tough; be it messing up a workout in training or a race during competition. Or even enduring the long and arduous train rides back home from the track everyday when your friends were happily at home 5 hours ago. It brings about a sense of accomplishment and I’m genuinely surprised I have lasted this long and not screw up my academics badly at the same time. Well I think my Dad is coming. No time to waste gotta go!