Getting Started

by Shawnong

So i guess it starts now. My debut post of my very first blog ever. What got me into starting this? Well, I guess I am in this phase of life where I’m trying to find my own identity and sometimes it isn’t easy to find an outlet to express your feelings. The web certainly makes for easier sharing of my inner thoughts. Furthermore, being in SJI for the 4th year now, I have been molded into a state of constant reflection of the things going on around me. Perhaps this will carry on for a substantial amount of time, or perhaps, it might just die off in the near foreseeable future. But I’m growing to like this idea of penning down your thoughts into a paragraph or two. It’s like thinking out loud, which really helps me understand myself better in hindsight. I also hope to vent my frustrations and worries on this blog by just typing it out, rather than keeping everything bottled up inside me. I’m not sure who reads this but to those reading this now, ciao. See you soon hopefully ^^